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Unparalleled Quality.

Meet The Ultimate Therapy Massage Chairs.

The Benefits of Our Therapy Massage Chairs



More time efficient when compared to visiting massage therapists and more privacy.


Value For Your Money

Cheaper alternative to live massages in the long run.


Advanced Tech

Some of the most advanced 3D mechanisms and smart tech in the industry


Peace of Mind

We have the highest quality standards, if something goes wrong, we'll take care of it. Fast, and at no cost to you.


Beneficial for the Whole Family

Adjusts for all body types to fit the entire household

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Aurora II Pearl


0% Interest Financing Available

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Aurora II Chocolate


0% Interest Financing Available


Our Background

Who are we? We are Image Home. We are an Alaskan owned and operated company in the electronics and furniture business for over 25 years. We have hand selected and customized these Therapy Massage chairs ourselves and guarantee that they are built to last. All massage chairs are honored by our in-house warranty and are fixed in your home or at our repair center at no cost to you.

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